Political activities in Dobian

Assalam u alaikum

Let me tel u that political activities in our village are on the peak nowadays.Many new people  are testing their skills in this field.Recently there was a big gathering in the hujra of Shoukat Khan(brother of Zahid Khan).They announced to support SWABI JAMHURI ITTEHAD PARTY (shehram khan tarakai) in the coming elections.Before this gathering there was another jalsa held at HAJI AMANULLAH hujra in khoro chowk.Haji sb alongwith many more friends announced to support them as well.

Ok this was a little background.Now we are coming to the point.As far as i m concerned i am not going to support any political party not in my social life and not here on this site and i wont appreciate any individual political activity here on the page.

But my point is that what are the views of you people  about the political activities going on in our village because you are the power of our village and you will build the nation.All the decisions will be taken on the basis of votes poll by you.

Kindly poll your vote on the right option and give your views in the comments.

Mubarak ali babu

President PPP Dobian Swabi


Riaz dada(we miss you in these days of Election)

i still remebr the day we used to support Riaz dada in the BD Elections











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3 thoughts on “Political activities in Dobian

  1. Thank you for updating us on regular basis, you mentioned that “Many new people are testing their skills in this field’. but you are talking about one party like SWABI JAMHURI ITTEHAD PARTY so what about others,would you please explain who’s those new peoples are and what is there daily activities, as we living abroad your full details and information will guide us at least we can express our feelings, suggestions or comments about them.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. waqas ali shah bacha

    hats off you salman amjad for recent update.

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