its all about dobian …………………………………….our swet vlg

DOBIAN is a farsi word “DO ABA” land between two streams.SHAGGI and BARAL

DOBIAN is a village of SWABI located in North West Frontier Province (N.W.F.P) nw called Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa (KPK) of Pakistan.
Till June 1988, DOBIAN was a portion District Mardan, in June 1988 DOBIAN became A PART OF District.

Area of DOBIAN = 543 (kilometer square)
Population= 10,000 ( In 1998)

The people of DOBIAN are popular for their hospatality and soft nature………..
The AKHUNZADGAN  ,bayeegaan ,pukhtano and MIAGAAN clan is the predominant clan of DOBIAN.

It`s been said that famous warrior “SIkandar-e-Azam” stayed for a night in Dobian(sara cheena).

DOBIAN has many important archaeological sites,like BABU DEIRAI.ruins of romans and hindus lived before pakistan came into being. it was part of the Gandhara civilization.
BABU DEIRAI is one of the best example of archeological sites.

DOBIAN has many smart parts like khouro,baboo,maiira,sara cheena.

This site I made is purley for our vlg to be known throughout the world.


Salman Amjad        


President pakistan youth awareness society(PYAS)

Computer software engineering

(NWFP University of engineering and technology)

Android applications/web applications developer

contact no. +923444073081


website: http://www.about.me/amjadsalman

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/engr.s.akash

twitter: @engrsalmanakash

skype name: engrsalmanakash_2k11



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  1. thanks Mr salman amjid I am from khoro dobian and knew I live in UAE
    good information to the our VLG

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