AOA i hope u r fine.let me tel you that our wesbsite has got more than 290 viewers per day and now every educated person of our village is familiar from the site and follow it for different news and interesting facts reguarding our village we hav got an idea of putting ads of local bussinesses on this webpage….i offer u to advertise your local bussiness on the page for just 500 rs per month….we hopes that you will get alot of customers from our viewers…..

for further details kindly contact on

  contact no.03444073081


5 thoughts on “Ads

  1. fawad khan

    great job dear salman amjid keep it up n wish u best of luckkkkk……..n

  2. Adnan Khan

    Dear Amjid sb
    well done make it more convenient as wel as with good fonts tabs animated good pics of our village,
    a bit islamic point of view like auto hadis quranic teaching messages…bhera jumat pics cultural formal practices accordingly.and a bit top copyright.

    Adnan ur Rasheed
    Research Technician
    Phillip Morris Pakistan Ltd.

    • well thanx alot for bringing my attention towards ths point…..and realy realy good idea………….i vl try my best from now……….
      by the way top copyright in which sense??

  3. Adnan Khan

    the info’s you provided not to be copied not to be edited u know like well..
    Adnan Khan

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